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Our Services

Pursuit of Hope takes a holistic approach to helping addicts reach long-term sobriety and Independence by providing the following in-house services: 

**If Inpatient care is necessary, we can link you to another facility after proper evaluation.

Therapy Session

Helping the client realize the discrepancies in where the client sees themself and where the client is really at. Teaching them to recognize their triggers and to initiate solutions other than using mind-altering chemicals. To teach them life, coping and relapse prevention skills that will help them become high-functioning individuals in society again

Substance Abuse Counseling using CBT, Behavior Modification, along with Motivational Interviewing techniques

A Hug

Involving the family in the treatment process, through educating them on the concept of addiction as a disease. Helping them to not enable their family member in the treatment process. Helping both the client and the family member process their feelings, rather than bottling them up.

Offering Family sessions....

Anger Management Skills



Networking Event

So many addicts use mind-altering chemicals to communicate in social settings because of fear. We help the client learn to recognize the core fear at the root of the anxiety. Then we teach them to debate the irrational fear with logic, and to teach them relaxation and anxiety reducing techniques.

Overcoming Social Anxiety

Young Business Woman

So many in addiction have lost jobs, marriages, children, and personal property. We at Pursuit of Hope help link the client with housing, education, and employment

opportunities. Connections with advocates for CPS cases, and legal liaisons. Help with food, transportation, Mental, Dental and Medical Healthcare services.

Providing Case Management Services

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