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Medication Assisted Treatment

Our medication-assisted treatment (MAT) involves an opioid treatment program (OTP), that uses special medications to treat substance abuse disorders alongside regular counseling. Our Data 2000 certified doctors are qualified to prescribe and dispense such medications to our patients in order to help them transition from the abused substance to medication that assists with stabilization and recovery. The medication-assisted treatments we offer includes two innovative and proven medications: Suboxone and Vivtrol (depo-naltrexone).

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Supporting Patients Taking Suboxone


It’s very important that as a family member or loved one that you continue to support the patient taking Suboxone

  • Understand that the patient will be “out of commission” every 24 hours, for those few minutes that they will be taking the medication. Try not to encourage any speaking during this time, so the medication can dissolve and work effectively.

  • Help them make a habit of taking their dose at the same time every day. Try to associate taking their medication with an everyday routine such as brushing their teeth or getting dressed in the morning. This is the best way to help your loved one establish a routine of taking the medication consistently because the activity itself will begin to serve as a reminder.

  • Make sure that your loved one continues to visit his or her physician in our clinic every 2-4 weeks for ongoing Suboxone treatment after they have stabilized. If they miss an appointment, they may not be able to refill the medications on time, and may even go into withdrawal, which could be harmful to their progress and health.

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